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Anonymous said: Tell me a story from your summer

Is there any kind of story you want to specifically hear?

Otherwise, there was a time before KC Int Convention where I had spent a day dazzled in California Adventures and Disneyland. The only thing I really concern to focus on is the fact that this Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square, in Disneyland, is a pure mess of grease and ham and swiss that is absolutely delicious and tastes similar to a french toast sandwich.

Along with the dips, vanilla frosting, along with a blackberry and strawberry compote. I can honestly say it’s a really weird concept to dip a sandwich in dipping sauces, wouldn’t you say?

Then, I also hate all the salad, soup, and bread remaining from that meal. I can honestly say that was one of my most reward and captivating lunch experiences, albeit a minimalist one.

(That is a story of a Monte Cristo sandwich, odd huh? Haha.)

By the way, the bill came out to be 50 and I was lowkey done LOL but that was for four people and had all that so it was “worth.”


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